The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand
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The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand

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The product is exactly what i expected. It heats up very quickly and also chills very quickly. The hot is Perfect for cleaning and opening the pores and at the end of a treatment or during a mask, the cold helps to tighten the pores! Ideal for the facial cleansing routine and during hydration. The massage effect is perfect too. Overall I am loving this facial massager.


Kat  ✅ Verified Purchaser

 How Would You Like To Hit The Pause Button When It Comes To Aging?

...I Know I Would




Introducing Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand... An All-In-One Facial Device equipped with hot and cold modes, sonic pulse massage, and LED lights that's going to revolutionize your daily skincare routine. 


6 Reasons Why You Must Have The Rejuv™ Young Facial Wand In Your Skincare Routine?


✅ 4 Modes To Use

Whether you want to clean, moisturize, mask or get a facelift. This baby does all the heavy lifting for you. What more do you need?



✅  Hot & Cold Settings


Gone are the days for facial steamers to open your pores. Or expensive face masks to close your pores. With one click of a button, you can seal your pores making sure dirt and bacteria doesnt get into your skin. Minimizes the pores on your face too!


✅ LED Light Therapy


Red and blue LED light therapy is clinically proven to help you reduce wrinkles and improve scarring and bring down the inflammatory skin reducing acne and much more.



✅ Improve Absorption

Supercharge absorption from serums, creams, and moisturizer. This will maximize the usage of your creams and you'll start seeing results in your complexion

✅ Ionizer Massage

The ionizer sonic massage setting awakens your skin and penetrates deeper past the surface with positive and negative ions. This rejuvenates your skin and helps to return the glow to your face and promotes blood circulation creating a natural facelift

✅  Removes All Your Makeup

The cotton pad clips and the makeup removal setting helps you take off all your makeup easily. Even getting rid of all the build up with the sonic vibration



✅ ON THE MOVE! No Problem

It's portable! Gives you the convenience to bring it anywhere hassle-free with convenient charging and a travel pouch

    We all feel like we need a stronger more expensive cream whenever we look in the mirror. Sometimes even contemplate seeing a plastic surgeon. Of course, we want perfection... of course, we want to look younger. 
    But before you do... try out the Rejuv Young Facial Wand. You'll see the big changes in your dark spots, dull complexion, sagging, and even aging lines. The secret lies in the technology of this new and improved facial wand. You're not getting just getting one but all the professional salon-grade tools from the ion sonic massage, to LED light therapy and hot/cold packed into one device.

    What’s Included In Your Purchase:

    • Rejuv™ Young Wand
    • USB Charge Cable
    • 3 x Cotton Pad Fixing Rings
    • Protective Bag
    • Protective Box
    How To Use?

    The simplicity of the Rejuv Yong Skin Wand is one of the reasons it has become so popular.
    It is as simple as 1-2-3!
    Step 1: Switch the device on and choose out of the 4 modes (Clean, Moist, Mask, Lift)

    Step 2: Select the intensity with the 2nd button to choose the ideal temperature
    Step 3: Choose LED Lights - red or blue settings with the 3rd button

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    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester